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The Rogue Pirate's Bride - Shana Galen Every little girl has her father wrapped around her little finger. They just look up at them with those love filled eyes and the fathers are helpless to resist. They will do anything they can for their little girls, no matter how old she gets because inside she will always be his little girl.

Raeven and her father are like that, he wants what he thinks is best for her. He makes the calls and disciplines in the hopes she will grow up and have the kind of life he could never give her. Even when it comes down to it he breaks the rules for the love of his daughter.

Raeven and Bastien are perfectly written; there is humor and action. So much action, you will not be able to put this book down. You will be swept away from the seas to exotic locals all the while being taunted and drawn to Bastien. He may have done some frowned upon deeds, but after all he is a pirate so it sort of goes with the job description.

Galen has crafted an excellent historical romance full of everything you could wish for. As always after you are done you will track down her entire backlist and still be excited for her next book to come out.