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Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh 3.5 Stars!

A man on his knees who knows he did you wrong and is simply asking for a second chance. Could you say no and send him away?

The cocky vampire who taunts an archangel’s consort and gets off on a little BDSM is blindsided when he meets Guild Hunter Honor. Something about her tugs at his heart the way only one woman has ever been able to before. Dimitri has been painted not quite as a villain, but someone who would be willing to take out a beloved character if he believed it necessary. He is a character so well written you want to hate him a little. Until you discover his past and what he went through, then your heart breaks for him.

Honor has been through her own hell. She broke but has enough spine to pick up the pieces and stick them back together. Once she meets Dimitri strange things start happening though, dreams that feel like memories and whispered words.

Singh gives us more than just a love story in Archangel’s Blade. There is something more lying underneath the pull between Dimitri and Honor, something that will have you racing to the end to find out if your guess is right. Even though Raphael and Elena are not the predominant characters in this fourth book it is still a great addition to the Guild Hunter series. And amazing story that will have you feeling like you should cry.