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Vicious Grace - M.L.N. Hanover 3.5 Stars

Like a punch to the gut, you are taken by surprise, feet kicked out from under you, gasping for air, and mind reeling. After some revelations about the mysterious Eric are discovered more than one of our characters will feel this way.

JaynÉ, Aubrey, Chogyi Jake and Ex are called in as reinforcements by Kim. There is something big going on where she works, something that is going to change the course of all their lives. Even if there wasn’t this big unknown just the fact that JaynÉ and the guys are going to be around Kim has some serious tension potential. The ex-wife hanging out with the current girl friend is a tried and true drama waiting to happen; only hang up is JaynÉ actually likes Kim.

With each book you can see how much foreshadowing Hanover does. As pieces to the puzzle that is JaynÉ’s life are found you can look back and see the hints that were so cleverly hidden. When the group finally finds and opens up a hidden room of Eric’s you might catch yourself wanting to yell out loud, finally!

There is a lot of action in Vicious Grace, more so than the first two books. It really feels like a pivotal point in the larger story arc. Hanover gives the characters more challenge and emotional attacks than ever before. Everyone is tapped to the max in manners of special talents, physical stamina, and courage. And if that isn’t enough to have you gripping the edge of your seat, the very last line of the book finally drops the bomb that we have been waiting for.

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