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Darker Angels - M.L.N. Hanover Think of all the cities in the world, now which one would you pick as a hot bed for ghost and demon like paranormal activity? Naturally, New Orleans!

Book two picks up right where book one left off without missing a beat. JaynÉ and her guys are still searching all of Eric’s spread out homes searching for clues. That quickly gets dumped when she gets a call for help to track down a serial killer who happens to be possessed. Who needs vacation time when there is a demon on the loose?

JaynÉ is still young and making mistakes, some will make you shake your head and wish she would wise up. Others happen because she is facing something big dark and old. Hanover gives up a little more of the characters with each passing book. You will feel each of their frustrations, excitement, betrayal, and joy at success. Aubrey seems like he is trying to convince himself he is past Kim. Chogyi Jake continues to surprise with his insights. And Ex has his true feelings revealed but at the same time creating more questions, this is a man that draws you in and makes you want to crawl under his skin to find out what is really going on behind those amazing eyes.

The whole feel of this book is summed up in one simple message, not everything is what it seems. Which goes for the main plot line of this book, but also (if you happen to have read book four first) huge premonition for JaynÉ. Hanover is a cleaver writer, dropping hints that blend in so well it is easy to miss them. Darker Angels is a great addition to the Black Sun’s Daughter series.

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