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Highland Hero - Amanda Scott Dreams in which the line between reality and dream is blurred always end before you want them to. And for Hawk his real dream ended much too soon, but it also ended up bringing him the love of his life.

Hawk is a knight and everything that goes with it, handsome, honorable, and talented. He isn’t afraid to take on a dangerous mission to protect the future king. He even sacrifices his bachelorhood protecting Jamie, although ulterior motives might also have had a hand.

Marsi is a young noble; apparent in the way she acts and talks. It is enough to make Hawk suspect her even before he realizes who she truly is. As innocent as she is it does not affect her courage. Which is good because the situations she finds herself in are her fault and to fix things Marsi must lift her chin and barrel on.

Highland Hero takes an actual historical event and adds a little fiction to flush out the story, making it believable. It is a good read if you enjoy a nice love story involving a Highlander. You may find that it feels a little slow in the middle, the journey stretches out more than necessary. There is action here and there that will help keep your interest, and the best part of the book, the inn scene where Marsi’s choice of words get her a Highlander.

2.75 Stars...So close to a three but just a little too slow for me.

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