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Bound - Sasha White Oh the classic tale of desperately wanting to move away from small town life to the city, then moving and finding out life is empty there and home really is back in that small town.

Despite the plot line not having much of a surprise, White does a great job writing characters that you will fall in love with. Joe is very stern and unapproachable, but he is also drop dead gorgeous and has that whole dominant male thing going. How can you not fall for that! Add to that mix you are not sure what his past is or why he seems so capable of handling tricky situations. Makes you curious right?

As for Katie she might be a little naive but she is young and figuring out what she wants in life. You have to give the girl some points for actually having the guts to make the first move, and oh what a bold one it was. Katie has some untapped desires and is finally figuring out that she found someone to help her with that.

Bound is a quick read packed with hot scenes, great characters, and a little mystery.