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Deliver Me from Darkness: A Novel of the Paladin Warriors - Tes Hilaire 3.5 Stars

An honorable vampire fighting to keep himself from turning into a beast. A young woman with a light inside that burns bright enough to transform. And an age old fight between good and evil.

No it is not original, but Hilaire has brought a mix of vampires, demons and men who resemble angel together to create an enjoyable read. She gives her characters vulnerabilities and flaws along with hopes and dreams; the result is you become attached rather quickly.

Karissa doesn’t know her heritage, but it did give her gifts that both endanger and save her life. Because she is special circumstances bring her to Roland, and it seems like divine intervention. Roland is what will keep you from putting this book down. He believes himself evil and unable to change; yet he will not let himself act like all the other vampires he despises. Even at the chance of denying himself love and any type of solace.

A great start to a series. Plenty of options left for future books, and even though it is not a cliffhanger as the main story line has a HEA, you will be curious as to what happens next for these secondary characters.

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