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Snapped - Laura Griffin With a story line ripped from today’s headlines and a little conspiracy thrown in Griffin has written a fast paced, don’t want to put it down suspense.

Sadly a campus shooting is not the stuff of fiction any longer, a horrible experience that many would not willingly imagine themselves in. In Snapped Sophie finds herself right in the middle of a nightmare, and like in a nightmare she feels frozen and helpless. That doesn’t stop her from trying to save a little girls life, a glimpse into the steel backbone hidden inside. And steel is what she will need to escape the continuous attempts on her life; this seeming random shooting was not random and will go to great lengths to keep people thinking that it was.

Jonah is a true alpha male, striving to protect and keep what he considers his. As former military and current cop he is very capable of doing so, if only Sophie would allow herself to be protected. Maybe his protective instincts kick in due to having rescued Sophie from a killer the year before, or maybe it is just the fact that he finally realizes she fits with him.

For a suspenseful read Snapped does its job. You will want to read this through in one sitting. The shock of the shooting evolves into a mystery of who really did it and why. The events are described with great detail; the characters feel like regular people who happen to be wrapped up in a crazy situation. If you are in the mood for a contemporary suspense with a little romance thrown in this is it.

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