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Capturing the Silken Thief - Jeannie Lin The lotus blossom grows from muddy dirty water into a beautiful pure white flower. Like a lotus blossom Jia grows up in squalor, fighting for her place in life and just scraping by, yet she has a beautiful heart and kind soul.

Luo Cheng has been attempting to pass the imperial exams, but he has merely been reciting poetry and not able to create it. Once he meets Jai she opens up something inside and his creativity flows. She is his muse.

Jai and Cheng together have instant chemistry that draws you along with them. As quickly as it happens their love has a ring of truth to it. And when the time comes for Jai to decide what she is willing to sacrifice for this love she does with out a second thought.

Lin has written a perfect novella. It is beautifully descriptive, bringing ancient China to life. You are introduced to the characters and the plot with out missing a beat. This simple sweet story will not only be enjoyable but will wet your appetite for the rest of Lin’s work.