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Darkness Bound (Chimney Rock) - Stella Cameron Darkness Bound is a great introduction to a new shifter series. This series has shifters, vampires, fae and all sorts of paranormal beings, but don’t worry about being bored. You will get caught up in the characters and mystery surrounding Leigh and find yourself staring at the end of the book before you know it.

Niles is an impressive alpha male, who also happens to be the alpha of the werehounds. He is powerful and lethal, and he also has this fragile thing called hope. If he didn’t truly want a mate he would have left Leigh alone, and as much as she calls to him he doesn’t immediately fall in love. A nice change, he still had to go through the process of getting to know her first. But eventually he succumbs, he may not be very smooth but he does describe what love is in the best way any hero can.

Leigh is a mystery; yes she has potential to be the mate for Niles. But more than that there is something special about her and that something special will end up getting her into trouble more often than not. You may keep waiting and waiting for some hidden magical powers to surface and allow Leigh to kick butt, nothing that impressive though. Maybe there will be more information on her and what she is in future books.

The only other character that almost stole the show is Blue. You first meet Blue as this giant horse of a dog. His emotions are great and easy to read, which makes sense considering he is the werehound Sean. This fierce lovable dog is loyal and protective, and maybe just wants a little loving. Sean/Blue is one character that will leave you wishing book two was released at the same time as Darkness Bound.

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