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The Perfect Play - Jaci Burton 3.5 Stars

Raise your hand if you picked up this book because of the amazing cover? Really how could any hot-blooded female pass this up? Then you start reading and realize that behind the drool worthy cover is a well written emotional story, oh and plenty of... sweating. It is a sports book after all.

Mick Riley is too good to be true, talented athlete, sculpted body, killer eyes, and a kind heart. The kind of man that should be with some famous actress or model, at least that is what Tara believes. And you would almost think that too until you get a glimpse into his life, what he has worked his way through and his wonderful down to earth family. You can tell a lot about a guy from his family.

Family is something Tara and her son Nathan do not have. A tough situation, a woman raising a kid alone has to make different choices than a single woman can. Good thing one of Tara’s first choices is to agree to go back to Mick’s room with him, one small choice that changes her life forever.

Burton has started off this series with a perfect play. Real engaging characters who give into the spark of attraction and then realize that they actually are pretty perfect for each other. It is a nice progression for the relationship. There is some football, and baseball, happening but you don’t have to worry about getting lost if you are not a fan. Burton gives just enough to compliment the story without turning it into a long play by play. You also will get a little peek into Gavin’s book, Changing the Game. What a great tease that is can’t wait to check out book number two!