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Vampire Vacation - C.J. Ellisson Vampire Vacation may shock you, it may get your blood pounding, and it may get you wrapped up in the story eagerly awaiting a revelation of the killer. There are multiple aspects of this book and they come together to create an entertaining read.

Ellisson knows how to keep the story moving, there is no down time in this book. The plot plays out like a murder mystery that will make you think of the old movie Clue. A secluded bunch of people/vampires around and someone is found dead. Vivian works at finding the killer and trying to keep her guests entertained and happy. What she didn’t see coming was that her guests would be needed to help solve the crime and that they would absolutely love doing it.

There is a lot of sex going on, it is a hideaway that promises to bring your fantasies to life after all. It is interesting that despite Vivian’s power to influence others perceptions and heighten desires she is strictly a one-man kind of woman. Her husband holds her heart, helps her with her business, and is willing to distract her multiple times a day.

This is a difficult book to rate. The plot line and mystery are well planned out, a wide variety of characters come into play, there is humor, and it has a great setting. On the other hand it is a highly sexual read that may not be perfectly balanced with the rest of what is going on.