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Tempted by Blood - Laurie London 3.5 Stars

You may take a look at Jackson and see an incredibly alluring man very adept at womanizing. From his multicolored hair to piercings everything about him screams bad boy, the kind you have fun with once but not the kind you keep.

It takes a talented author to transform a character that has been portrayed as a hard core player who parties too much into an honorable one-girl kind of man. But London did that and more with Jackson.

From the moment Jackson meets Ariana you feel for him. You can tell he is drawn to her and that she has the potential to give him peace, but he fights it, not understanding what is really happening. Arianna gets a lot of strange thrown at her in a short amount of time, but she has seen plenty of unexplainable things in her life. So yes the sight of Jackson's fangs might immobilize her for a breath until her inner strength kicks in, but she also is the one who fights for him when he wants to give up. Not everyone is willing to walk into a den of snakes like Arianna does.

The fast paced roller coaster ride that is Jackson and Arianna's relationship is a great love story combined with crime solving and ancient revelations. A truly fun read from start to finish. Sweetblood is a great vampire series not to be missed.

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