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A Lady's Revenge - Tracey Devlyn Do you have anything in your life you would sacrifice yourself for? Loved ones might be what comes to mind first. Cora certainly puts herself on the line multiple times in her attempts to keep her loved ones safe. But more than that she also puts herself directly in harms way for revenge.

Revenge is such a strong emotion, one that is strong enough to make this young Englishwoman give up her innocence and in return, her chance at having a normal life and family. The cunning and strength Cora shows is moving. She faces enemies and torture, and yes it does break her a little. But her inner strength combined with Guy's love help piece her back together. The utter joy and relief she experiences when she registers that it is Guy creeping into her cell to save her bleeds from the page and makes you feel it too.

Guy seeks his own revenge on the man that turned his strong proud Cora into a broken beaten woman. Guy is an honorable gentleman, if he wasn't he might have taken advantage of the sparks that were flying the night of the masked ball where he ran into Cora before she left for France. If he had given in and seduced his best friends sister both his life and Cora's would have been different. Not to mention their impact on England politically and in the form of lives saved. Grander schemes are being played out though, and the love of Cora and Guy gets a second chance in the midst of it all.

What a debut novel from Tracey Devlin! A Lady's Revenge is flawlessly written with incredible characters, strong plot line, and a powerful love story. It is hard to believe this is Devlin's first. Plenty of action and intrigue to keep the pages flying by, and plenty of secondary characters just waiting for their stories to be told.

If you enjoy historical romance with spies and villains with hidden identities you will not want to miss this. Put Devlin on your authors to watch list.

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