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Wicked as They Come - Delilah S. Dawson For Tish this new world feels sort of like stepping out of the rabbit hole, instead of finding a nice fluffy white bunny saying “I’m late!” she encounters a blood thirsty fluffy little bunny.

If ever you find yourself stuck in an alternate reality, you will want someone as alluring and capable as Criminy Stain solidly on your side. With a flare for the dramatic he is able lead his little band of misfits, but with the influence and predicament of Tish he could end up leading more. Criminy is truly a well written character, amazing. He knows the value in the saying, if you love something let it go....now he just has to wait and see if she comes back.

The adventures Criminy and Tish set out on are blood pumping, (no pun intended) nonstop, emotional events. Dawson sweeps you along from one thing to the next, and along the way the electricity that Criminy and Tish feel is explored and grows. There is so much packed into this book; from animals to apparitions, beautiful gowns to coats that hold more than they should, there is magic in everything. And magic is what Dawson has created with this first novel in the Blud series. Do not miss out on this read.