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The Wolf Who Loved Me - Lydia Dare What happens when you take a Regency romance and throw in a little paranormal twist? You get another great novel from Lydia Dare. The Wold Who Loved Me is the perfect blend of historical and paranormal, so any fans of these genres are in for a treat!

Madeline is the perfect Lady, from the top of her well coifed head down to her clean little toes. She has been pampered, spoiled, and raised to marry and produce children. And up to now she has complied and followed her Father’s every wish. But when she gets the chance to experience passion she grabs on with both hands and will not let go.

Weston is a man who lives off little, takes risks, gets into trouble and laughs the whole way through. He knows how to live and love life. He also happens to be a werewolf (well he doesn’t mind the term so we will use it). It is his recklessness that ends up changing his whole life, but in the end despite the stress and difficulties Weston might just say it was the best stupid thing he has ever done.

The Wolf Who Loved Me is a sweet romance, a rushed marriage, two people that were nearly strangers getting to know each other, and the decision to follow love or give up. Of course this wouldn’t be a Westfield Wolves novel with out some handsome shifters, and this book doesn’t disappoint. Now we can only hope that the other brothers and Lord Dovenby will get their own stories told.

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