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Where There's Smoke - Karen Kelley An angel just trying to save souls meets a demon wannabe trying to steal one. Just that is enough to cause some friction, but once these two meet the friction between them has nothing to do with their occupations and everything to do with physical attraction.

This cowboy angel is smokin hot. No wonder Destiny zeros in on him when she walks into the bar. From the start these two can’t keep their hands off each other, though Chance does his best to keep Destiny away from his heart. Difficult to do when the plan of action is to seduce her into being willing to say yes to anything he asks.

Chance and his “brothers” are an interesting bunch of angels. Some are naughtier than others, but they do all have good hearts and intentions. It is fun to read about their interactions with each other and how they act like guys, giving each other a hard time but then lending support.

Destiny has been cut off from the world for a long time, she has forgotten what it is like to interact with people and enjoy someones company. The friends she reluctantly makes are enjoyable to read about, who would want to live in an apartment if you didn’t have some colorful neighbors?

Kelley certainly lights a fire with Chance and Destiny. Where There’s Smoke is a fun light read. By the time you are done you might just find yourself with a chocolate craving.

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