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Lace & Leather - Leanore Elliott
Erotic, paranormal and western. How can you not be intrigued by those three elements being put together. And Lace & Leather does not disappoint! From the first page you will have non-stop action, hot steamy encounters, and one hot cowboy just full of surprises.

Jess and Lacey are connected through time by a gift each of them received from their fathers, it just so happens it is the same gift. This twist fate has given them has the possibility to bring them both something they never thought to have. If they can find a way to embrace love the toughest question might be what time do they want to live in, past or present.

A fun quick read that has you running from blood thirsty savages to motel rooms. Lace & Leather is a great combination of old west, humor, sex, and time travel. Perfect for kicking back with a cold drink on a summer day.