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The Saint Who Stole My Heart - Stefanie Sloane 3.5 Stars

With the opening scene being a murder scene you might expect The Saint Who Stole My Heart to be a mystery, thriller, who-done-it type of book. And there is some of that, but mostly you get a great love story between a book loving woman and a danger courting man. Could two people seemingly so different have anything in common or any attraction?

No question there is attraction between Dash and Elena. He is one of those impossibly perfect men, the face of a god. Thankfully he has more to him than his vapid personality suggests, there are some serious brains and balls of steel being carefully hidden. As for Elena, she is a voluptuous woman with a brain in her head in a time when neither were considered desirable in a woman. Good thing Dash isn’t conventional or follow trends of the ton.

Underneath the love story that slowly blossoms is a murder mystery. Throughout the book you get little clues here and there as Dash and his friend Nicholas follow leads. Solving the case is personal for both of them, and you get wrapped up in their need for revenge. Sloane gives enough completion for a nice ending, but also some big questions unanswered to leave you hanging. Sloane not only writes clever characters but she is one herself, you will want to read the next Regency Rogues book to find out if they get their answers and revenge.

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