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Kiss of the Goblin Prince: Shadowlands series - Shona Husk No longer goblin, Dai is thrust back into human life. Though he is a far cry from the human he used to be. Amanda might be able to help him reclaim some of his humanity by showing him how to love.

Dai is a powerful character. And not only with his magical powers, which are very impressive. It is interesting to see how he learns to move about his new life and incorporate all of the magical abilities he suddenly has. After years upon years of study they finally come to the surface now that he is human again. Each lesson learned written upon his skin, what girl can resist a potential bad boy covered in tattoos?

Amanda has placed herself second for years and her daughter first. Which is as it should be, but she takes it further since she is an only parent in charge of a child with a life threatening illness. She needs a strong man to be able to take some of her stress, and one who can love her as much as she will love him. Dai is all of that heaped into a package that is tempting and electrifying.

A great addition to the Shadowlands series. A little slow, at least compared to Roan’s story. You might be wishing Dai will make a decision, or blow up something big, or anything. But he has his own personal demons to work through, and Amanda has her hurdles to get over. All in all a fun read and one that sets you up to be wishing for the next book.

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