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Tempted - Elisabeth Naughton 3.5 Stars

Avoidance, friction, and hate. A few of the feelings Isadora has for the dark hulking Argonaut. He has never let her get close and has done everything to keep her at a distance while feeding her animosity towards him. Can these two really be soul mates?

Demetrius has some dark secrets hiding in his skin. And he believes that darkness is all he will ever be. When beings more powerful than he thrown him and Isadora together he wants her to see that, if nothing else he is very persistent. Good thing Isadora doesn’t give in easily, at least anymore.

Isadora is the future Queen and she is finally acting like it. So when she finds herself stuck with the one Argonaut she would never want to be in the same room with it comes as a shock to realize there is more to him than meets the eye. For the first time in her life she feels protected and safe. He sees darkness and she sees his strength.
This is the third book in the Eternal Guardians series and is the best so far. If you have read the series from the start you are already attached to these characters and possibly been perplexed at the strong negative emotions between Demetrius and Isadora. So you finally get to see why and in the process get the most exciting book of the series. Naughton also hooks you in to Orpheus’s story and gives you a little teaser at the end of his book that will be coming out next.