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Geared for Pleasure - Rachel Grace A missing Princess, a sheltered warrior, political intrigue, and since it is a romance a sexy hero. Oh and plenty of action!

Geared for Pleasure is split into two stories though the second follows the first without skipping a beat. An interesting way to introduce more characters and bring the story arc to a close. Well as closed as you are going to get, Grace sets us up for the next book with her last couple of pages. Just a nice little tease to leave you hanging.

Two stories you say? Well if there are two then there has to be a favorite, and how can you not pick Dare and Bodhan’s story. Could it be because you are introduced to them first? Or because you get to see this new, slightly scary, world through Dare’s eyes as she experiences many things for the first time? Or maybe because Bodhan is so irresistible, more to him than meets the eye. Whatever it is they are great together and that chemistry pulls you in.

This is one of those books that can fall into a handful of genres. Science Fiction, easy. Paranormal, yeah that too. Romance, oh it defiantly has two great love stories. Steampunk, plenty of gadgets here. And Erotic, you might need to fan yourself. Rachel Grace has blended all of that together and created a book with a storyline strong enough it wouldn’t need any of the erotic stuff to still be considered great. This author has some serious talent.