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Binding of a Witch (The Savannah Coven #3) - Suza Kates Binding of a Witch is a fun light read full of spunky characters. Viv and her "sisters" feel like your long lost friends from college, except that they are witches guarding humanity from pain and horror. 

Viv takes her turn at the trial, confident she will be able to handle the answers she finds. And her confidence isn't far off the mark though before she passes the test she just might have to rely on the handsome bartender with the great eyes.

Nick runs his bar like it is an extension of himself. He is great with people, or at least he thinks he is until he tries out his wiles on Viv. The give and take between these two is cute and sweet. Its easy to fall for Nick, you will find yourself immediately on his side. Though some big bads are not in his side. Good thing he just acquired a bunch of witches as friends.

This book is perfect for a nice sunny afternoon. Not too deep or scary, just fun.