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Scandalous Desires (Maiden Lane, #3) - Elizabeth Hoyt Scandalous Desires is a perfectly written historical romance, you will not want to set this book down. Whether you love pirates or not you will fall hard and fast, and the name Charming Micky O'Connor will forever be fixed in your memory.

Hoyt has brought Mick and Silence together once again,  though this time Mick has no intention of letting her walk away. There is something about Silence that calls to him even in his sleep. She torments him and so he has decided to, in true pirate fashion, take what he wants. 

From the first page you will be swept up in this love story. The love part takes time but there is plenty of action and other things happening that love almost sneaks up on you. Well it certainly seems to sneak up on Mick and Silence.

The end of this book will have you nearly in tears and on the edge of your seat. The characters share some strong emotions in a difficult time. And just when it looks like there is no hope, well you don't want it to be spoiled right? Pick up this book!