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Sins of the Highlander - Connie Mason, Mia Marlowe From the moment Mad Rob storms into the church riding his fearsome stallion to steal the bride, your heart will be stolen right along with her.

Rob MacLaren is a man who loved deeply and lost. It is touching to see how devoted to his wife he was, even though they were married a very short time. It is also wonderful to see how Elspeth helps heal the holes in his heart that have been gnawing away at him since he lost his wife.

Elspeth is a typical virgin bride marrying who her father has chosen. She finally comes to life when she interacts with Rob. He needs her to exact his revenge, or so he thinks. And she needs him to open her eyes to what could be, shows her that there is more for her than what she is letting happen.

Lovers of highlander romances will enjoy this book, well any lovers of romance actually. It is a fun chase, abducted bride, the journey to Rob’s home, the fight to get her back, it is all enjoyable. And no horses were harmed in the progress of this tale.