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A Little More Scandal - Carrie Lofty 4.5 Stars!!

A Little More Scandal brings a little more insight to the Christie family. It is a perfect addition to The Christies series as it lets you see a different side of Sir William instead of an enigma talked about by his children. That and it will wet your appetite for the next book, Starlight.

Yes it is fun to see William as a younger man, see him deal with society’s prejudices, understand more what he holds of value, and to see him squirm when he gets a little more than he bargained for in Catrin. You will fall in love with William, every broad chiseled inch of him. Though it is Catrin that really shines.

Catrin is a strong woman yet she knows she has limits and paralyzing fears. When she finds the only man that makes her feel safe, she does everything possible to convince him they will fit together. After the horrible events she survived she certainly deserves this strong protector.

The chemistry between William and Catrin sizzles. Though it is a novella there is plenty of action and you will have finished it before you know it. It also helps you understand why William has set the conditions he chose for each of his children in his will. If you are a Lofty fan you will not want to miss this, and if you haven’t started The Christies series this is the perfect place to start. After reading A Little More Scandal you will be counting down the days for the release of Starlight, Alex’s story.

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