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The Awakening - Mary Abshire A girl with amnesia and some surprising abilities finds allies in unlikely places. And just in time, she is going to need them.

The Awakening has a great plot line. A one of a kind girl survives a mass killing but has no memories. You are taken along for the ride as she tries to navigate the different breeds of supernatural beings, only to keep discovering she has something in common with nearly all of them.

The characters are well written. Boss, the protector vampire who you will suspect has many deep dark secrets. Tabby and Jonas, they almost feel like siblings and stick up for our nameless girl when she has nothing. Sal, one of the...villains? Benny and many more. They all suck you into the world so when you reach the end you will want to know what happens next.

The pace was a little slow, a perfect read for lunch breaks or waiting at a doctors office. It is the questions that keep you coming back, it makes you just have to know.