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Starlight (Christies) - Carrie Lofty The Christies, one of those families that on the surface may have appeared to have it all put together. The tough father, loving mother to all (even those not biologically her children), the siblings all legitimate one way or another, and wealth. As with every family there are stories hidden and feelings kept in the dark.

Starlight brings revelations and love to Alex Christie. Alex sets out to make the mill that his father has left in his hands profitable, a mill that is struggling nearly as much as the young woman Polly who works there. Alex meets Polly and despite the circumstances is thrown by her beauty and confidence. For the first time in his life he experiences strong attraction, nearly strong enough for him to forget his young son and what he has set out to accomplish.

Lofty’s writing brings the places and characters to life immediately. You feel Alex’s concern over his son and his desperate need to protect him from his late wife’s father. Polly’s strong convictions on working conditions and fairness are enough to make you want to stand and cheer, and cry in outrage at the actions of Alex and the other mill masters. The other colorful characters help round out the story mostly by adding more fuel to the fire.

Despite the many obstacles in their path Alex and Polly give into each other, beautiful and fiery. As the saying goes, love is never easy. That certainly fits with these two. They might be exactly what the other needs but with their strong personalities getting in the way you fear they will never discover it.

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