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Wolf Line - Vivian Arend Wolf Line is another hit for Arend. Book five brings everything you expect from the Granite Lake Wolves series; a little mystery to solve, tons of humor, and sexy shifters.

Jared is the easy going ladies man of the group. He has a secret, well...a couple of them actually. You will fall in love with him from page one and that makes it all the better to see how completely he falls for his mate. And yeah she finds out his secrets, isn’t that what mates do?

Keri is also a fun character to read. She wants to be a good employee/help to her friend on the cruise, but her darn hormones (and her wolf) just wont let that happen! You can’t change the beast. And why she would want to is beyond, Jared is pretty perfect if you overlook the one hangup that tarnishes his golden glow. But once Keri figures out the truth she might just wish her brain had stayed out of the way and let her hormones rule the day.

Wolf Line is a perfect summer read. Fast paced and loaded with events that will make you laugh it will be over before you want it to be. That is ok though, since it is book five you can start over with book one and relive all the crazy antics of these sexy shifters.

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