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The Slayer - Theresa Meyers Western romance combined with paranormal and steampunk. A lot to be thrown together but Meyers balances each genre well and still keeps the action moving.

Winn is everything old west, right down to his mustache that he twirls around his finger. For some reason Josh Holloway with a long mustache is the image that is conjured up for Winn. Maybe it is his looks, imagine him in cowboy gear, or the way Winn talks, think sexy drawl. Whatever the reason not a bad image to have for the hero.

Winn and his brother are the Chosen, though Winn will deny the fact. He has hunted demons and hates vampires, so it is an ironic twist that he is forced to work with one. Alexandra is the beautiful bloodsucker he gets stuck with, though after being around her even Winn has to admit she is different. Alexandra is no more thrilled with the situation than Winn, though for her it is because his kind has killed nearly all of her family. So does she feel a little alone? Yes, and maybe when she realizes Winn is not exactly like the other hunters she knows she will realize her days alone could be numbered.

The first half of the book was a little difficult to get into. The action was there, the book starts out with a stagecoach robbery. And the characters are put together nicely, Winn and his western charm and Alexa with her sophisticated allure. Maybe the steampunk elements weren’t enough, though there are some great weapons made by Sir Turlock. And it wasn’t for lack of impending doom, a big bad demon wanting to get his hands on “The Book” equalling end of the world stuff.

Whatever was missing in the first half clicked once Alexa was taken. No more will be said about that, don’t worry no spoilers. Once this event happens Winn and Alexa’s deep feeling are felt. The end of The Slayer bumped the rating from a two up to a three. Now lets just hope that book three has a little more steampunk!