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Kissin' Tell - Lorelei James 3.5 Stars

For anyone who felt awkward in high school and dreamed of dating someone you were sure would turn you down. And for everyone who has gone to a class reunion with butterflies in your stomach, waiting to see if everyone else has changed as much as you have. And for all those girls who dream of finding your own cowboy. Kissin’ Tell is so for you.

Georgia had left her small town life behind, moved on. Then her job throws her right back in the middle of it, only this time she is ready to be herself and not just arm candy. Tell has embraced his small town life by showing he is a McKay and being good at what he does, one of which is having fun. The list of activities Tell gets Georgia to do might be enough to make you rethink your summer plans, and make you feel like having some ice cream.

Sexual chemistry between these two...oh yeah. How they could go into this deal thinking they could escape without their hearts being affected is beyond. Seems as if their hearts got wrapped up back in high school, the rest of them just took some time to catch up.

The serious adult relationship thing is pretty new for both of them, and it shows in the poor communication at times. The misunderstandings get a little old, but then they make up and get all hot and sweaty and you forget that they fought. If you feel like reading about a sexy cowboy with a vulnerable side you will want to read Tell’s story.

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