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Cowboy Crazy - Joanne Kennedy Have you ever tried to be someone your not? Or pretended to be another person, keeping your true self hidden? There is danger there, because after a while your real self will kick down the door, grab a shot, and refuse to be locked up again.

Sarah goes through a traumatizing event, it scars her and she hasn’t recovered yet. Then in walks Lane, the confident cowboy who takes a second look at her and decides he wants her. Who is she to say no to that? Oh yeah, she works for his brother.

It is fun to see how quickly and completely Lane falls for Sarah. He has his life figured out, he knows what he enjoys and wants. And though he didn’t see wanting a woman like Sarah he doesn’t fight it and goes all in. Sarah on the other hand has some self preservation hangups, she just needs a good man to make her dance again and see herself through new eyes.

Cowboy Crazy is more than just a light romance, it is really a story about finding yourself and letting your mind heal. Yes there are some hot summer nights between these two, and the way they butt heads makes the sparks fly. Kennedy has written an emotional book with some spurs and broncos thrown in for fun.

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