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The Girl's Guide to (Man) Hunting (Bluebonnet, #1) - Jessica Clare 3.5 Stars

Fun and sexy, this book is a light entertaining read perfect for hot summer days. The peacefulness of nature calls to Dane and Miranda, well maybe Miranda is a slightly stronger call than nature since Dane can’t seem to keep his hands off her.

Once you read the blurb for The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting you might write Dane off as a jerk, a guy who doesn’t care about others and will never feel sorry for anything. And in a way that is true, but Dane has gone through a betrayal himself and as a result took stock of his life and decided to change. Now the changed Dane is the kind of guy a girl could get used to having around.

Miranda has survived nine years in her small town. Survived because it is a small town where everyone knows everyone and talks about everything...oh and they don’t forget. So she plans her revenge on the focus of all her hatred, and sets out to put it into play. What ends up getting played though is her heart. Now she just has to be brave enough to put it out there and see what Dane does.

Reading this book will make you want to get out in the woods, away from civilization and phones, and maybe bring your man along for the trip. There are plenty of hot steamy scenes, and the intensity of the chemistry between Dane and Miranda is perfect. So why only three wines you say? Hard to tell, The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting is fast paced and will have you smiling as you go. The ending is very well written, couldn’t have had a better choreographed scene. So no this book may not blow you away, but at the same time it is defiantly worth checking out. If your looking for a fun story with hot sex this would be it.

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