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Moonglow - Kristen Callihan Callihan has managed to bring even more revelations and expansion to the realm of possibility with Moonglow. Book two in the Darkest London series is just as gripping as book one, this author has staying power.

Miranda’s sister, Daisy, takes center stage for this book. Daisy is a passionate woman but forced herself to dampen her vibrancy to survive her marriage. Now that she is a widow and free to live her life she finds herself under the protection of Ian ( you know you remember him!) after witnessing a werewolf attach. Now these two have multiple reasons they shouldn’t work, but when does love listen to reason.

Ian Ranulf, the Marquis of Northrup. The lonely man/lycan finally finds someone worth risking a broken heart for, someone who makes him want to live and have a hand in how things are run. Which results in him being in position to resume alpha of the pack status. Of course making that happen requires some debts to be called in and some new ones made. Lines are connected, new characters are introduced, and even more paranormal/steampunk is tossed into the mix.

Darkest London is an excellent paranormal/urban fantasy romance. Callihan has not disappointed with Moonglow and will leave you eager for book three (even more than book one left you waiting for book two if possible).

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