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A Little Mischief - Amelia Grey Amelia Grey has thrown together a self proclaimed spinster, a rogue turned honorable earl, and a little mischief. The result is a sweet historical romance with just the right amount of mystery to keep you guessing.

Isabella has figured out that confidence is sexy, that combined with her natural mischievousness turns her into a desirable woman. Daniel has realized that along with the title of Earl he needs a wife, only once he lays eyes on Isabella his idea of the perfect docile wife goes right out the window. These two just can’t seem to agree that they would be perfect together, each thinking they want something else. They have great banter and tease each other with ease.

The dead man in the garden, the great mystery that brings Isabella and Daniel together. There is so little to go on, yet our hero and heroine piece together the clues. It is fun to discover evidence right along with them. You will be guessing up to the end!

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