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The Better Part of Darkness - Kelly Gay Urban Fantasy at its finest, the Charlie Madigan series will turn you into an addict.

The Better Part of Darkness has strong sci-fi elements to it. Other worlds and the beings that inhabit them have made their presence known to our world. Atlanta is the chosen city, but will throwing its doors open be a blessing or a curse? The new races of beings in one city creates a clash that will change the world and one woman will be right in the middle of it.

Enter Charlie Madigan, a woman dealing with a broken family, defending her daughter, and dealing with her own natural abilities that have been compounded by her death. Yes you heard that right, she died but was brought back to life. An amazing feat, but all it really does is piss her off. Amped up super powers may not be what Charlie wants, but she will soon realize that she needs to embrace them if she wants to save her family, friends, and city.

There are so many wonderful characters introduced in The Better Part of Darkness. Will/Rex the once husband, Bryn the little sister with some powers of her own, Hank the siren who is also Charlie’s partner, and so many more. Charlie has a diverse group helping her, which is exactly what is needed. Once you pick up book one you will have to have book two on hand, Gay’s characters wont let you stop reading.

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