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The Hour of Dust and Ashes - Kelly Gay Hi, my name is Lexi. And I am an ash addict.

Well not exactly, but it would be much more of a mouthful to say Charlie Madigan series addict.

The Charlie Madigan series started out strong with book one, delivered a solid hit with book two. Now The Hour of Dust and Ashes manages packs in more action and deep emotion than the previous books. Can Urban Fantasy get any better than this?

Picking up right where book two left off, with Charlie right in the middle of potential inter species war and enemies on every side. With out such a strong group of friends, or paid oracles, Charlie would possibly be dust. Instead she meets the sylphs who give her four gifts. Who would willingly take a gift that basically kills you first, Charlie, knowing it will be her ticket to saving her sister. Bring on the unknown powers, see who is left standing in the end.

Urban Fantasy usually has some bit of romance in it, this series has always had a little hint but not much more than a flirty smile or heated gaze. Finally we get to see Hank and Charlie reacting stronger to each other, raw emotions coming out. Hank’s character and background is revealed, and you will not be able to help but fall for this siren.

If you haven’t picked up this series yet you are missing out. Kelly Gay knows her urban fantasy, do you?

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