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Shadows Before the Sun - Kelly Gay
Gay has done it, with Shadows Before the Sun she manages to surpass the the action and emotional connection the previous books had. Who would have thought it was possible!

The end of book three leaves you hanging just a little. Death is stalking Charlie, her sister is safe but still addicted to ash, and Hank has been taken back to his home to face the wrath of three powerful beings. You can breathe a sigh of relief, well not once you start since there are plenty of bombs dropped on Charlie right away...but once you reach the end you will have some relief.

Charlie is determined to find Hank, no matter how grim the outlook. She travels to Elysia with, surprise surprise, the Oracle! Not exactly friends, but not enemies either they do provide some comic relief to the dark and serious happenings. Finally able to face the three Circe Charlie gives into her power. The repercussions from her choice will be felt far and wide, even more so after she returns home and still has to face Death.

Shadows Before the Sun has a perfect ending. You even get to see Charlie through someone else’s eyes. As perfect as it was, you will still be itching for another Charlie Madigan book. Please, please, please keep writing them Kelly!

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