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Bound By Decency (The Flying Gang Legacy #1) - Claire Ashgrove 3.5 Stars

It’s summer, the heat will eventually drive you to water. Ideally the ocean, but most of us will have to settle with a lake or pool. So if you can’t go to the ocean, bring it to you. What better way to spend some summer nights than with a pirate in your bedroom?

Bound By Decency is a classic, girl gets stolen away by a pirate ship and then has her heart stolen by the dastardly fiend. The first half of the book India is stuck in Cain’s cabin, and though it feels a little slow this is where they get to know one another and emotions begin to grow. How can you not get to know someone if you have to share such a limited space? Then they reach Nassau and the fun really begins.

India is a smart woman, she uses her brains to run her fleet of ships and bring in a decent profit. What she is unused to using are her womanly wiles, and that is exactly what she needs to use to get what she wants this time. It is fun to see her reaction to Nassau in all of its’ colorful glory. She is ready to experience life with out the restrictions society has placed on her, and Cain is right there with her to share her joy and be her protection.

Cain is a pirate. He is good at what he does, he has men that trust and follow him willingly, and he years to leave it behind and return to his more honorable position. You might say he is a pirate with a conscience, and that conscience holds him back over and over from giving into India’s desires.

Bound By Decency is the first book in the Flying Gang Legacy. It is a great first book for a series as you are introduced to Cain, Nightshade, Royce and Drake. All well known pirates and capable captains, and all great characters. Not great as in good people (though there is some good in each of them), but strong well written characters. You will get wrapped up in their stories even as you are carried away by Cain and India. Now we just have to sit and wait to see who’s book is Captured by Freedom.

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