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When You Give a Duke a Diamond - Shana Galen Three stunning courtesans have the ton hanging on their every move. Each one has their own beauty and grace, but when you put them all together they take your breath away. Galen’s new series Jewels of the Ton starts out with the Diamond and is everything you want in a historical romance.

Juliette has earned the nickname the Duchess of Dalliance, and she certainly lives like a Duchess. She has her own home, eats wonderful things, and attends the best parties wearing the most beautiful gowns. Exactly what a Duchess should do. But her title is just a nickname, Juliette has some big secrets to hide and she is not willing to tell them to anyone...even William who she ends up falling in love with.

William is a duke. That sums him up quite nicely as he views everything he does with a “What Would a Duke Do” attitude. Add in some OCD tendencies and you have a handful. Surprisingly Juliette finds this handful tugging at her heart strings. And she does more than that to him. Before he knows it his life is turned upside down and actually embraces the change.

Besides being great characters you get to learn their secrets as they try solve the mystery of the missing diamonds and murder. Threats to their lives, near kidnappings, and plenty of gossip surround these two. This is a series you will fall in love with right away. And the ending leaves you with some important information, just enough to make you put book two of the Jewels of the Ton at the top of your Next to Buy list.

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(ARC copy courtesy of NetGalley)