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Loving Lady Marcia - Kieran Kramer 3.5 Stars

Kramer introduces book one in the House of Brady series with a hit. Loving Lady Marcia is a sweet historical romance with a wonderful hero that will steal your heart, and a strong heroine you will cheer for.

Marcia is a woman who fell prey to young love, the consequence of her actions causing her to alter her life. Though her self imposed exile becomes a passion and her calling, to teach and be there for young women as they go through their own growing up stages. Life has its way of throwing curves, and hers certainly did by closing the door on her headmistress position and opening another that could lead to true love.

Duncan is an honorable man, maybe a little too much at times. He wants to be able to fix everything, which as you know is impossible for anyone. The scene where he meets Marcia years after the fateful trip she took with him and his brother is memorable. He is so shocked by her and drawn to her, even when she acts cold and dismissive. From then on Duncan has his goal, her. And you will enjoy his efforts every step of the way.

One such step Duncan takes it to try assist Marcia in obtaining her old position as headmistress, even while he is planning on convincing her to marry him. As he introduces her to influential people, lets her meet his son, and tries in his own way to offer her support Marcia slowly steals his heart.

If you are a historical romance fan you will enjoy Loving Lady Marcia. Duncan and Marcia have chemistry yet also deal with emotions and issues that go along with new love. It maybe a little hard to believe how easy it is for Marcia to meet Duncan and his son in secret so often, and the solution to Marcia’s nemesis and former employer is tied up rather quickly. The plot may not sound like much happens, and yet you will still be turning the pages quickly. Overall it is enjoyable and will leave you with a little smile on your face after you are finished.

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