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Forever a Lady - Delilah Marvelle Every time you pick up a Delilah Marvelle book it is like rediscovering a favorite author. Every book she releases is better than the last, and when you loved the previous books that is quite the track record. Forever a Lady steps up the Rumor series to a whole new level. 

In Forever and a Day you met Lady Bernadette Burton, she was the rebellious older woman who tutors Georgia in the ways of being a lady. Or at least she gives her the tools to pull one over on the ton, something Lady Burton is more than willing to do. As a woman who has freedom to do what she wants and go where she likes the ton looks down on her. If she were rid of society forever she would be a happy lady, interesting then that the man that catches her eye has set his mind on achieving his lost status. 

Matthew Milton is another character that left an impression from book one. He is the tough gang leader with a heart of gold. In Forever a Lady we get to see how much pride he has and the lengths he will go to win over Lady Burton and recover his honor. The poverty he lived in for so long changed him, so to see his determination as he works around the law, leads his band of 40 thieves, evades those hunting for his head, and tries to protect those he considers his is inspiring. 

Marvelle brings a forgotten New York to life, you will fall in love with the city as you fall in love with Matthew and Lady Burton. The Five Points that beat the life out of a person, the people that live there and fight for a better way of life, the high society hording their wealth and ignoring those beneath them, and the generosity of one Lady that changes the lives of many. Forever a Lady is a perfect example of what a historical romance should be.

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