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His Very Own Girl - Carrie Lofty Lofty has brought WWII to life with His Very Own Girl. Incredibly well written this book will take you back and make you feel like you are living it. This only cements Carrie Lofty’s place as a must read author.

His Very Own Girl brings together Lulu and Joe, two people who will not give their hearts away because of past hurts and regrets. They meet in a horrifying fashion, and maybe because of it the connection that forms between them is even stronger. They run into each other time and time again, they dance, they flirt, they hurt each other. Even when they give in and try to open up the war creates a wedge between them. A medic and a pilot, an American and a Brit, but above all a man and his girl.

Reading His Very Own Girl, WWII feels very real. From the air raid sirens and the adrenaline that comes with the aftermath, to the inability to acquire basic items like stockings. Then there is the emotional torment of saying goodbye to a loved one, not knowing if you will ever see them again. The good and the bad, the sweet and the angry making you wish you could replay a conversation or erase the words said. Every day wondering where they are and if they are alright, imagining the worst and hoping for the best.

Lofty has written another wonderful historical romance, but this time in a new era bringing with it an element of reality not seen before in her books. If you enjoy historical romances or books about WWII do not miss this.

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