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Temptation's Edge - Eve Berlin 3.5 Stars

Eve Berlin not only wrote two strong characters, she also adds in just the right amount of BDSM to keep the story edgy and hot. Temptation’s Edge is a contemporary erotic romance that will keep you turning the pages as it squeezes your heart.

Mischa’s life is perfect, she has a great job and is going to be expanding with a new tattoo shop, she lives the way she wants to answering to no one, and she gets to hang out with her best friend for a couple of weeks helping plan a wedding. Perfect, that is until she meets Connor at the engagement party. Suddenly Mischa is falling in love and feeling like she found something she didn’t know she was missing.

Connor is equally happy with how he lives his life. Distant and unattached. After past relationships he hides behind a wall, until he discovers that Mischa has already broken through. He is one hot dom, and he plays Mischa perfectly. To top it all off he has an Irish accent.

To completely surrender to someone takes courage. It is frightening, and as Mischa experiences it, life changing. Temptation’s Edge takes you past the surrender to the depth of emotion that brings. If you are in the mood for a contemporary BDSM this will hit the spot.

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