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As You Wish (Rock Stars in Love #1) - Elyssa Patrick 3.5 Stars

As You Wish is a delightful debut. The characters are fun and real, making you feel like you are reading about your friends. The plot is cute and full of things you may find yourself doing.

Aubry is a great character. The rocker who lost, survived drugs and alcohol, is working at repairing his bridges, and is ready to grab onto his second chance at love. He is also sarcastic and funny, the kind of guy you want to rescue you from the roadside.

There are a few editorial errors, but easy enough to gloss past them because the story is so cute. It will be fun to see what Elyssa comes out with next. A great start for this author if you are looking for a sweet contemporary love story, the cover portrays the feel of the book perfectly.