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Ripe for Seduction - Isobel Carr 2.5 Stars

Carr had a superb idea when she wrote the plot for Ripe for Seduction. A drunken bet turning into blackmail...which eventually turns into two people finding love. What isn’t there to like about that situation?

Roland is the unlucky (or lucky?) gentleman who finds himself over the barrel and at the whim of Olivia. Olivia only wants freedom, if only she would realize that freedom does not have to be a life of spinsterhood in the country. Roland puts effort into seducing the lovely lady, and it is fun to see him try his hand.

The third book in the League of Second Sons fell flat for this reader. The characters never clicked and the numerous characters parading through the book failed to make lasting impressions. A struggle to get through, but maybe you will like it? It might be enjoyable for you, who knows.