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Immortally Yours - Angie Fox 3.5 Stars

Mythology, MASH, abducted beautiful young doctor forced to serve her life on the battlefield. Sounds like fun right? It sure is, in typical Angie Fox style Immortally Yours has humor action and love.

Petra is a skilled doctor, good enough to get her noticed right? So she is drafted into service and manages to keep her secret hidden, then finds out she just might be the one the prophesies are talking about! Talk about pressure. One good way to relieve all that stress...find a hot soldier and sweat it out.

Galen dies and in the process of being saved, or forced back into his body, discovers that Petra can see the dead. Smart man, Galen, he pieces together this gorgeous woman with the prophecy and decides he is there to protect her. Good timing too, Petra seems to have some scary large problems coming her way.

The play on MASH is great and blends well with Angie’s humor. The plot line keeps moving and introduces characters at pace that keeps you interested without overwhelming you. There were areas that fell a little flat, you may find some disconnect with the characters at the ease of resolution or too perfect timing. But if you are just in the mood for a light fun read that has you turning the pages, Immortally Yours is a good bet.