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Immortally Embraced - Angie Fox 3.5 Stars

Sorry to see MASH off air? Check out Immortally Embraced, a nice take on a beautiful young doctor in the same situation. Angie Fox brings another fun read packed with myth and emotion.

Petra is back, still patching up these poor humans and demigods alongside a pregnant Medusa. Her work keeps her busy and her gift hidden, all the while demanding she continue to fulfill the prophecies.

No more Galen, instead Immortally Embraced brings a blast from her past. Marc is back, he was briefly mentioned in book one as her dead lover. Now this shifter shows up in the flesh and blood asking for her help. Petra must learn to get over his presence but also his betrayal in staying hidden.

These two have serious sparks flying, despite the years apart and the changed circumstances they can’t fight this feeling anymore. Yeah, thats an old song but MASH is an old show so just go with it. You may find it difficult to switch gears from Galen to Marc, but if you give him a little time this emotionally scared shifter will win you over.

Marc is a strong character and plays into the plot perfectly. He takes Petra across enemy lines and brings her face to face with her destiny. It will be fun to see what the next prophecies are and how these two handle it together. We can only hope Marc is here to stay and Petra doesn’t have to juggle her emotions again.

Another great Angie Fox book. A couple places where the emotional development was rushed, but the overall storyline well written. If you enjoy paranormal and mythology you should check this series out!