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Vicious Circle (Persephone Alcmedi, Book 1) - Linda Robertson Have you been feeling like your urban fantasy series are lacking? Characters undeveloped and story lines stale? Then you will want to check out the Persephone Alcmedi series by Linda Robertson!

Vicious Circle introduces you to a young witch, Persephone or Seph to her friends. She has a destiny, and no matter how inconvenient and messed up it will make her life she accepts it and gives it her best try.

She needs to be the balance, the meter of justice. Though she isn’t sure how to do this when she isn’t sure who the bad guys are. You meet some weres, one incredibly sexy bad boy Johnny. You meet some vamps, Menessos who is the epitome of ancient and gallant. Add in the fact that Seph is a witch and she has a connection to each world.

A great start for the series, incredible characters, and enough action without taking away from the ground work of the series.

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