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If You Give a Rake a Ruby - Shana Galen With book two in the Jewels of the Ton series Shana Galen packs more heat and action than the first! If you love Historical Romance you need to check this author out.

Shana is an author that writes her characters so they worm their way into your heart, usually they have sweet love stories with the hero as the dominant in charge. This time around you still get Warrick acting as a confident demanding man, but his match is the fiery Fallon. What a fun heroine to read about! She is the sort of woman that draws the eyes of men and women alike, sensual and aloof. And when Warrick and Fallon collide, watch out.

If You Give a Rake a Ruby is the second book and continues with the mystery of the Diamonds. There are threats to their lives, and an unpleasant ghost from Fallon’s past wreaks havoc. Warrick and Fallon must work together and, you guessed it, they are attracted to each other even though they fight it. Not to worry because this story line feels fresh and exciting and you even get a nice glimpse of what is in store for us in book three!

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